Our Story

Founders Pierre-Jean “PJ” Cobut and Elad Ferber started Spry Health with a mission to help chronically ill patients receive proactive care and help them stay out of the hospital.

They have seen firsthand family members struggle with their chronic conditions. Patients see their doctors a few times a year, for a few minutes at a time. In order for doctors to determine change in the patient’s condition, they often rely on a mix of current symptoms, intermittent monitoring, and the patient’s own recollection of their health and symptoms since the last visit. This is a partial picture at best. And it often isn’t enough to keep patients out of the hospital or support them in keeping their condition under control. For patients, there’s constant stress – not knowing if tomorrow will bring a bad day or a hospital visit.

PJ and Elad could see these glaring gaps in traditional disease management for the chronically ill and set out to build a solution to bridge those gaps.

The Spry Team

The Spry Health team is a dynamic group of innovators developing transformative digital health solutions that enable patients to get the right care at the right time

Pierre-Jean Cobut


Elad Ferber


Andre Atoian, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Jon Hawkins

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Kerry Nieto

Internal Operations Manager

Ram Narayanan, PhD

Algorithm Team Lead

Dash Bodington

Algorithm Development

Patrick Landreman, PhD

Algorithm Development

Andrew DeKelaita

Firmware Team Lead

Himica Khurana

Software Engineer

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