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Internet of Things Institute: Medical-Grade Wearable Takes on Chronic Disease Management

Brian Buntz profiles the history of Spry Health and chronicles the development of the Loop–a wrist-worn device for the chronically ill. The company is creating an expert system to understand the type of data a physician will look for from … Read More

Using Machine Learning with Health Data: The Challenges and Pitfalls

Elad Ferber, CTO and co-founder of Spry Health, opines about the challenges he and his team have faced while applying Machine Learning to physiological data. Learn more about Spry Health’s approach to constructing a more tailored health data acquisition solution … Read More

Becker’s Healthcare: Thoughts for Health Systems Considering Remote Monitoring Solutions

Medical technology companies have been looking for a foothold in the remote monitoring solutions space with little impact to patient outcomes and utilization. Over the last 4 years, Spry Health has learned to approach remote monitoring differently when it comes … Read More

Meet Loop, the Healthcare Wristband

Wearable devices have promised to make a significant impact on healthcare for some time, but a major challenge remains ensuring that they are clinically validated, therefore devices that patients can trust. Spry Health, a California start-up, has released information about … Read More

Tech Digg: ‘Loop’: A Wearable That Could Redefine the Future of Healthcare

Many of us deal with poor health conditions on a daily basis. Half a million people in the United States alone die of heart attacks every year. In a world that is so dependent on technology to help us stay … Read More

mHealthWatch: New Clinical-Grade Wearable Delivers Continuous Vital Sign Monitoring

MHW learned Wednesday that Spry Health — a leader in health management technologies and remote patient monitoring — is rolling out “Loop.” Loop is a “first-of-its-kind combination of clinical-grade wearable and disease management platform.” Loop, we’re told, enhances timely care … Read More

Spry Health Unveils Clinical-Grade Wearable, Loop, to Deliver Continuous Vital Sign Monitoring

Incubated at Stanford-affiliated accelerator StartX in 2013, founders Pierre-Jean “PJ” Cobut and Elad Ferber started Spry Health with a mission to help chronically ill patients receive proactive care and help them stay out of the hospital. Spry Health developed the … Read More

Transformative Healthcare: Finally, a Clinical-Grade Wearable that Delivers Continuous Vital Sign Monitoring

Palo Alto, California – May 1, 2017 – Spry Health — a leader in health management technologies and remote patient monitoring announced today “Loop” — a first-of-its-kind combination of clinical-grade wearable and disease management platform. Loop enhances timely care to … Read More