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Address COVID-19 Patient Surge with Loop System

Implement a full-service remote monitoring program for patients confirmed, suspected, or at-risk for COVID-19 due to age or comorbidities

Patient Risk Stratification

Easily identify patients who need an escalation of care while keeping low-acuity or high-risk patient care at home

Optimize Resources

Reduce avoidable hospital visitis by utilizing Loop’s AI-powered analytics to notify you when interventions are needed

Reduce Exposure

Manage care for high-risk and immunocompromised patients and eliminate the risk of physical exposure

Early Intervention

Identify early physiological deterioration, even if patient is asymptomatic, and intervene ahead of an emergency

Remote Monitoring Pathway for COVID-19


Prescribe Loop System to individuals confirmed, suspected, or at-risk for COVID-19


Track multiple vitals, captured throughout the day, that are critical to assess the risk and progression of  COVID-19


Contextualize near real-time physiological data and pinpoint signs of deterioration through  AI-powered clinical dashboard


Spry Health’s licensed nurses monitor vitals. Patients showing signs of deterioration are called, treated remotely when possible, or triaged to appropriate level of care

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Deploy Quickly

Clinical-grade monitor ing that is patient-centric with full-service nursing support to work directly with and support the needs of patients at risk

Optimize Resources

Full-service remote monitoring enables precision medicine, so health systems can focus clinical resources (personnel, ED, beds, ventilators, etc. ) on the patients that need critical care

Obtain Reimbursement

Approved for AMA and CMS approved reimbursement codes