COVID-19 UPDATE: Learn about Loop Signal and how to implement remote patient monitoring as part of your COVID-19 triage protocols. Learn more

Loop Signal

Learn more about Loop Signal, a new clinician-led service to assist in the surge of COVID-19 cases and reduce avoidable hospital visits. Loop Signal, utilizing the Loop System, enables provider organizations to implement a full-service at home patient monitoring program for individuals who are confirmed, suspected, or at-risk for COVID-19, especially for those particularly at risk because of age or comorbidities.

Remote Monitoring Pathway for COVID-19


Prescribe Loop System to individuals confirmed, suspected, or at-risk for COVID-19


Track multiple vitals, captured throughout the day, that are critical to assess the risk and progression of  COVID-19


Contextualize near real-time physiological data and pinpoint signs of deterioration through  AI-powered clinical dashboard


Spry Health’s licensed nurses monitor vitals. Patients showing signs of deterioration are called, treated remotely when possible, or triaged to appropriate level of care

COVID-19 Live Webinar

Spry Health will host a live webinar on how to address the COVID-19 patient surge through a remote monitoring program. Learn how to risk-stratify patients in order to reduce avoidable hospital visits and optimize clinical resources (personnel, ED, beds, ventilators, etc.).

Date: Friday, April 10th, 2020, 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST

This webinar will be recorded. If unable to attend, please register to receive a copy.

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Deploy Quickly

Clinical-grade monitor ing that is patient-centric with full-service nursing support to work directly with and support the needs of patients at risk

Optimize Resources

Full-service remote monitoring enables precision medicine, so health systems can focus clinical resources (personnel, ED, beds, ventilators, etc. ) on the patients that need critical care

Obtain Reimbursement

Approved for AMA and CMS approved reimbursement codes