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The predictive power of Loop monitoring and analytics

Loop provides clinicians real-time insights on patient deterioration. Providers can quickly and efficiently direct care where and when needed to avoid hospital admissions and reduce healthcare costs

Managing copd is a complex and costly problem

COPD accounts for 5M ER visits and 2M hospital stays per year for 16M Americans affected by the disease

Clinicians lack visibility on when the highest risk patients are deteriorating and need care

Classic remote monitoring solutions suffer from low patient engagement and limited impact

How Loop drives record patient compliance

Simple, qualitative messaging that provides insights and peace of mind to its user

A simple device worn as a watch – doesn’t impede daily living or look like a medical device

Works right out of the box, no pairing or technical knowledge is required

How Loop drives better outcomes and lower costs


Identify patient population with high risk COPD, frequent ER visits, and high cost


Loop is the first clinical-grade wearable to monitor pulse-oximetry, respiration rate, and heart rate


Vital signs and biomarkers are analyzed to deliver actionable insights on patient deterioration


Clinicians are provided with information to provide targeted care, resulting in better health outcomes and avoiding costly hospitalizations

Connecting care teams across all Care settings

A flexible system that supports everyone throughout the patient journey

Connecting patients with providers for coordinated personalized care to prevent an emergency

Spry Health supports Integrated Delivery Networks, Accountable Care Organizations, Primary Care, and Specialty practices

Transition care from the hospital to home to support recovery and disease management

Spry Health supports Telehealth, Home Health, and Skilled Nursing agencies