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The promise of clinical wearables for people with chronic conditions

The FDA-cleared Loop System provides clinicians line of sight on their most vulnerable patients, enabling the right care at the right time

Loop empowers health

Peace of mind

Loop improves quality of life by increasing peace of mind of patients that their health is always monitored by a healthcare professional

Ease of use

Loop wearable requires no setup, pairing with smartphone, or input from patients. It is designed to be simple to use

Health feedback

Patients feel empowered with greater insights into their health status and receive notifications when a change requires their attention

accurate and insightful clinical data

The Loop System alerts healthcare teams of subtle physiological changes, in some cases before they are noticeable by the patient. The Loop is based on an extensive set of machine learning and expert systems algorithms that contextualize real-time, continuous physiologic data and pinpoint signs of deterioration



Heart rate

Qualitative feedback:
Simple messaging to provide reassurance

Designed for seniors, the Loop is easy to put on and wear

Magnetic charging:
Easy to connect and charge

Works right out the box
No smartphone, WiFi, or Bluetooth required

Actionable clinical insights

Cloud-based analysis

Using machine learning, Loop Analytics contextualizes the data and identifies early signs of deterioration before symptoms are noticeable

Prioritization of high-risk patients

Providers can quickly and efficiently direct care where and when it is needed to avoid hospital admissions or readmissions and reduce healthcare costs

Automatic baseline assessments

Loop uses the hundreds of daily personalized measurements to automatically create and understand patient baseline